Your Personalized Bible On How To Get A Date
How to get a date

These tips are also suggested by many dating experts and are known to produce good results provided you follow them closely. Initially it will not be easy but with a little practice you will get the hang of things and soon you will be a pro in getting dates every now and then. Here is how to do it.

Tried And Tested Methods – How To Get A Date

Below are some methods that you can use to go out and find a date (and also if you want to know about dating advice, then you can read this; however there may be certain exceptional situations where you may have to improvise.

  • Approach the usual way: This is the most popular method to go out and look for a date. However you should be very eloquent and subtle while approaching someone. Being self-confident will also help in connecting with the other person. Try to have a simple conversation at first and find out similarities in taste. Do not push things in one day try to build a good impression and get him or her to meet another day to take things forward. Do not worry too much if you get rejected simply learn from your mistakes and implement the changes in your strategy. If you are the nervous types then do some breathing exercises to calm your nerves.


  • Hire matchmaker services: If you are too timid to approach someone then you could hire professional services. This may sound like an outdated method but it is effective. You should look for good match making agencies in your area, but be sure to do some good research you  do not want to hand over your personal details over to some shady agency. Use the internet to locate reliable agencies and also use the yellow pages to find out names. Read reviews on the various agencies and then make your move.


  • Blind dates: You could always ask some of your friends to introduce you to other interesting individuals. This is a good way to meet nice people who could go out on a date with you.


  • Join Church Activities: Sometimes it is places of worship and faith that bring people together. So, you should consider joining a church and indulging in the activities there in order to get to know people around you. You never know you may find that one person who could end up being your dream date.


  • Quick Dates: If you want a quick date then you could go for speed dating. So you may want to keep a lookout for activities that are related to speed dating in your area. However you must be a good talker to pick up a date in under two hours.


  • Online Dating: This is the latest method that is being used by people of all age groups to locate dates. There are literally tons of websites some are free and some are paid and they have a gazillion profiles on them. So if you are really interested in getting a date then you should log on to these websites and give things a go.

Finding A date Without Using Mobile Apps

There is nothing fulfilling than to get out in the real world and have a real conversation with people instead of depending on mobile phone application. Here are certain ways to go about it.

  • Joining school or college alumni groups: Joining an Alumni group will help you reconnect with all those people who were with you in school or college and who knows you may come across someone who still fancies you after all those years.


  • Social media sites: Popular social media sites are also a good medium of finding dates. Candidates usually have very comprehensive profiles and they instantly give you a good insight on them. The best thing about social media sites is that you can talk to the person before you actually meet up so in a way it is quite safe and you also get to block people who you do not like.


  • Sign up with any singles group: There are many cities that have events from singles and your town may not be an exception. So conduct a search on Google and get started in your quest. These clubs are a fabulous place for meeting enthusiastic people. Typically these clubs ask for very nominal fees for joining.


  • Going out: Staying at home and pitying yourself is not going to help one bit. So, you need to go out and participate and mingle with real people and to know them. This is the ideal way to go about finding a date.

Tips To Keep In Mind

While you are working on getting yourself a date here are certain things you should keep in mind.

  • If you are at a bar or coffee shop with your date then make sure you maintain good table manners at all times as this will speak volumes about your personality. Be polite to waiters and do not speak in a loud voice.


  • You must dress up well as it creates a good impression. Do take suggestions from friends and pictures on the internet. They really help but try not to go overboard, try to keep things real.


  • If you are a man then you need to keep sexist comments at bay as they do not go down well with women at all.

So, these are some of the tips on how to get a date, so follow them very closely and you will have no trouble finding a good date. However make sure that you do not rush into things. Take the time to study every gesture and every word before you decide you want a particular person as a date. There is no denying that it will not easy to find a date and maybe there will be a few rejections on the cards for you but it is those rejections that will teach you a lot so take all  of it in stride as a good  life awaits you.


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