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Soumi Das Chatterjee

Soumi Das Chatterjee has always had an interest in writing right from her early teen years and soon she decided to take content writing as a full time profession. She is very well versed with Australian, U.S and UK English. She has been content writing for more than 15 years now. At present she is dealing with content writing, website content, review writing, technical content writing and online marketing agencies.

Her writing stretches over multiple topics such as relationships, dating, crafts, travel, watches, jewelry, beauty, real estate and solar energy. She is also open to writing on other things as she loves to give her creative muscles a good workout.

She was promoted to an Editor In the year 2010 and she works with an organization as Chief Editor. As a writer she has never shied away from taking up challenges and puts in a lot of effort into researching for her write ups. She also enjoys reading and updating her knowledge and implementing it in the articles.

Her specialty is to write articles on relationships and she learns a lot from her own family which comprises of her daughter Samudrakshi a preschooler and her husband who is a naval officer. She has been in a long distance relationship with him for 16 years and all of this has a reflection on her articles related to relationship.

Her articles on relationships have prominent traces of her own life’s experiences in dealing with different people. She is an extrovert and love talking to various people and studying their behaviors and incorporating all her observations in her writings.

She is also associated with a few famous publishing houses as Writer/Editor. She is a freelance content writer as well as a ghost writer, website content, review writing, technical content writing, content writer, novels and novellas too. She basically loves to try new things that also help me learn in the process.  All the content written by her speak of her deep understanding of different individuals and their lives.