This Should Be The Way You Value Relationship

the way you value relationship
the way you value relationship

This brings us to discuss that we value our relationships and people in different ways. Like, I have a husband, who I fight with, cry for, and love too much. So, I take out time to show him how much I care by taking him out and cooking delicacies (oh, he is a foodie). Others may not express their love and care in the same way.

You know we all are different. Hence, our ways of handling situations differ too. Now, when we talk about the way you value relationship, then we must say that this also varies from person to person. The reason for this is that there is no one way of valuing your relationship.

Again, being a mother makes me love my child in a special way. I truly have never loved anyone like this. Not everyone may be of the same opinion. However, we have provided you a few pointers that may be general, but are required by all to show their loved ones, how much they appreciate them.

Core Values That Tell You About The Way You Value Relationship

True relationships are based on some core beliefs. These are fundamental values for any kind of association. If you want to reach that place with your loved ones, then you must read through this section. We urge you to pay attention to these pointers.


You know, be it your connection to marriage, live-in, parents, siblings, or even your kids, commitment matters. Commitment means dedication and we all like someone devoted to us. Don’t we?

Think how happy your kids will be when you talk about spending a day with them, exclusively? Your spouse or significant other, and parents are no different from this rule. Will you say no to a loved one that says “Tomorrow I will take you out and we will have fun?”

In the same way, if you remain committed to someone or a relation, then you will see, it grow over time. The point we are making is simple, you will have to put in effort.


This is one of the most important part of a relationship. Again, be it your spouse, partner, child, or parents, talking to them is an integral part of keeping your relationship in harmony with them. Yes, they will value the way you value them.

What I say is, you take the lead when it comes to maintaining your relationships. You will see, there will be very small damages to repair. It will be a win-win for all and you will never face much of an issue as you will always talk and sort it out!


Yes, this is another imperative that most people have forgotten. I say listening is a virtue. If you don’t listen, how will you understand what the problem is? If you want to read more about relationships, then click here right now.

I say hear them out, which means both listening and talking are significant in keeping up your relationships. To me, both are equally vital and you must listen to your loved ones always. Look how parents guide us, your better half may not be wrong always, and the sweetie pie children are never wrong.

We think from an adult’s brain, which makes it complicated, otherwise, I take advice from my 7-year-old now and then. You may find it amusing and stupid, but it boosts her confidence. I say “oh, I never thought of it that way” and I can see her eyes gleaming with happiness.


This brings us to trust and that you must have faith in your loved ones or core family members is a must. Friends may also be part of your support system. A true friend is rare to find and treasure that friend for life if you ever find one.

Putting your trust into your loved ones is a must as this will help you listen, understand, and then talk to them. You see this is a big chain and it works like one.


How can you be dedicated to people if you are not loyal to them? Hence, this is another key value that you must have. Forget what you get from the other, just believe in yourself and show fidelity. That will do!

We always think about what we will get in return. What if I am loyal, but the other person simply cheats on me? In most cases, we go paranoid because we do not have faith in ourselves. Once, you stop thinking along these lines, you will know that it is way easier to preserve a relationship. I am not saying there are no bad seeds. My point is can we do our best and turn that bad seed into something useful?

Leaving is the easiest thing to do, but how many times? Where will you run, only to fall in love again, may be putting your trust in the worst of the people? Instead, why not try to do something different and stay?

Again, I am not asking you to stay in an abusive relationship. I am asking you to be patient and work out relations that may seem meaningless at times. You surely know what I mean.


This is one more essential ingredient that makes up a power relationship and most definitely paves the way you value relationship. When in love talk to your partner about your future. See, if your future has kids and if that person is on board with the idea of raising a family. In fact, first question yourself, are you ready for it? Would you like to shoulder new responsibilities?

Be honest with your children and parents as well. These two generations are there to support you for life. Parents support us financially, mentally, physically, socially, and by all means.

Similarly, our children, if raised right will also support us in the near future. However, this does not mean that you will expect them to call you every day to say “Hi!” When they grow up, they will have jobs to manage and families to raise, like us. We are doing the same thing right now and keep this in mind, how busy we are right now.

Focus On Self – Discipline And Improvement

We tend to focus on others and pick up on them more than we analyze ourselves. What I do is get disciplined before asking my child. For instance, if I want her to wake up at 7 A.M., then I make sure that I wake up by 6 A.M. at least. I try to improvise my weak points and then ask my husband to make changes.

I know self-discipline is a quality that is hard to live up to, but you can always try. Likewise, self-improvement is another asset that you can make use of to learn and grow together.


Always show interest in your beloved people which will illustrate the fact that you care for them. Everyone likes to be cared and loved for. Your loved ones are no different and remember that they will always be there for you.

Make Time

Spending time with your friends and family is a way to unwind. You know that drink will have no meaning if you have it all alone. Its effect will double up if you have it with your family and dearest people.


Recognizing the patronage that you get from your parents, friends, children, and most notably from your spouse, makes them contended. This is why, you should always appreciate their efforts.


Being friends with your other half always helps to enrich your relationship. How about friendship with your parents and kids? Sounds different and may be funny to some, but this is how you establish strong relationships. Friendship is a major booster and also an essential element of any relationship. Trust me, if you want to be happy, this is the way to go about it!

To be honest, the way you value relationship changes from time to time. This is because our value system develops over the course of time. You had a set of values in your 20’s that may alter during your 30’s and so on. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that it remains in sync with your partner.

Meeting someone that thinks like you or has concurrent principles like you is a blessing from the heavens. Solid unions are certainly based on such foundations. Nonetheless, if you have an understanding significant other or a spouse, then you must treasure them.

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