3 Really Short Funny Stories For Adults

short funny stories for adults
short funny stories for adults

You know what, we go through so much the entire day that I thought it to be wise to tell you all some funny stories. These are original stories, any similarity is purely coincidental for sure. Here are 3 really short funny stories for adults that will make your day.

Really Short Funny Stories For Adults

Here are a few funny short stories that I have been able to collate.

#1 The House Help

short funny stories for adults

My father had a transferrable job and that took us to different places. I have been fortunate enough to live in a small town called Ranchi. It is the capital of Jharkhand at present and is a beautiful city to be in. So, we were settling in and someone had found us a local house help.

Her name was Lauren and she was a simpleton. She would make our work difficult with her ways. My mom had the patience, so she wouldn’t say much to her, and this was the ultimate episode that shook us to the core.

She was doing the dishes and when mom asked her to keep the kettle out (by which she meant do not put it into the cupboard) as she wanted to make tea. Lauren said okay and continued with her cleaning. As she finished, she left as if it were a regular day. Nothing has happened.

It was my turn to make tea and went to do so obediently. When I went in, I started to look for the kettle. I asked mom if she had seen the kettle or kept it somewhere. “No,” she replied, but I could not find it anywhere.

My sister who was only 9 then, mom and I started searching the whole house frantically, but couldn’t find it. This was absurd, the kettle went missing. We thought Lauren must have lost it, dropped it, or misplaced it. So, it was decided that we will wait till the next day.

Suddenly, I thought of something (acting like the smartest one), and asked mom did you tell her anything in particular? She was amused and retorted “what do you mean?” I sensed anger, so rephrased the question saying if she had told Lauren anything specific to do with the kettle. She said no, I just asked her to keep it out.

I ran outside instantly, only to find the kettle kept on the garden table! I brought it inside and explained to her that this is what “keep it out” meant to Lauren. This is why I was asking mom if she had given her any special instructions. Special instructions were taken in a different spirit by Lauren.

That was Lauren!

This certainly makes up for one of the most hilarious short funny stories for adults. I know right?

#2 The Daredevil Friend

funny short stories
short funny stories for adults

I have a sister and she has this very smart friend that lights up the room every time she into one. I usually don’t talk to her friends that much, but this one surely is an exception. This happened in real life and this incident fits pretty much into the funny short stories genre.

She actually wrote this letter to her parents:

Dear Mom and Dad,

This is to bring to your notice that I have found love. I know you will never approve of Raj and his biker clothes. So, I am leaving home and marrying him today. I love his tattoos more than him as they look to make him look attractive. The beanie adds to his personality and he has this huge shed to him.

Yes, I will be living in a shed that he has turned into a beautiful shack. Oh, he is on parole for he was falsely accused of hitting a man with a wrench. The man started it first and he just reacted. That’s not fair!

He is like 32 or may be 40, I don’t know. What has age got to do it with matters of the heart? Don’t worry, I am a big girl now, I am 16 and can take care of myself. He wants kids and lots of them. Someday we all will have fun, you with your grandchildren and we can unite again.

P.S. Relax, nothing like this happened, was just reminding you that life is more than a report card that is lying on the kitchen counter. Please sign it and give me a call when things look good. I am at Ritu’s, so no worries.

#3 Caught Red Handed

short funny bedtime stories for adults
short funny stories for adults

One day my friend came running to us early in the morning, before the assembly, and told us a hilarious episode. His father was in the police and he would often share funny anecdotes with them during dinner. This one was worth remembering and that is why I am sharing it with you all.

Sight tight.

So, this rich kid was caught breaking traffic rules. The police car chased him down the street, quite like in the movies. He was arrogant as he had a rich dad that he would not come out of the car. He insisted that they call his attorney, his dad, his secretary, the police commissioner, and then someone, who not!

The team dragged him out and he kept on shouting at the top of his voice, “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO MY DADDY IS?” To this one of the policemen said, “Do you know about him or do you want to call your mother to know about him?”

Finally, this statement quietened him down. He was composed for the rest of the day and followed all the procedures obediently.

Now how is that as short funny bedtime stories for adults? Hehehehe…..hahahaha. Find more here.

I hope you liked these short funny stories for adults so far. Let me know about that via the comments section. Your words mean everything to me and I will add some more fun to this if I find encouragement from you all.

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