How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Chase You After A Breakup – The Complete Guide

Making the Break-Up Work for You

Before we start to discuss, how to make your ex boyfriend chase you after a breakup, you must understand a few things. It can be hard to know what will make your ex-boyfriend chase you after a breakup. You might have had a great relationship but that does not mean that he will want to be with you again. Some people are just not meant for each other and it is better for both of you if you end the relationship amicably instead of dragging it out until one or both of you get hurt.

It is easy to break up with someone but it is not always easy to make them chase you after a breakup. It takes time, effort, and the right attitude.

This article will show you how to make your ex chase you even after a breakup so that he starts missing what he had with you and wants it back.

How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Chase You After A Breakup?

The first question must be why do we want our exes to chase us? The answer may not that be simple, but it can be summed up like this:

We want our exes to chase us because we feel like we are in control of the situation. We get to decide when and how they come back into our lives.

The more you make him miss you, the more he will want you back. The key is to send subtle hints about your life without being too needy. This way, he will be the one who wants to reach out first and he will be the one chasing after you.

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Getting Him to Chase After You and Fall in Love Again

Getting him to chase after you and fall in love again is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience, understanding, and time.

We have already discussed the importance of patience, understanding, and time. Now let’s talk about what actions we can take to get him chasing after us again.

It is important that we don’t contact him too frequently or too soon if he has been ignoring us or if he has been unresponsive. We need to show that we are busy with other things and have moved on with our lives before he will be interested in chasing after us again.

Knew that would work! 3 Tips That’ll Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

If you want him to chase after you and fall in love with you again, these 3 tips will help.

1. Be a good listener:

When he talks, really listen to what he is saying and show that you care about his thoughts and feelings.

2. Give him space:

Don’t smother him with texts or calls. It’s important for him to miss you for a little while so that he can appreciate what he has when he gets it back.

3. Show interest in his hobbies:

If there are any hobbies of his that you are interested in, go ahead and try them out with him! He’ll be flattered by your interest in who he is as a person, rather than just seeing him as the guy who broke your heart.

Scientific Study

The Journal of Adolescent Research recorded by researchers from the Bowling Green State University and University of Wisconsin is a work that “contributes to an comprehending of intimate relationships in early adulthood.”

It states you need to understand the relationship conduit and its pattern to be successful in it. We grow in our relationships and this is perceptible more in young adults. Although the studies show that ex-married couples seldom reconcile. Couples in less committed relationships also hardly make-up.

The point being may be after a break-up you suddenly realize that this was not supposed to be. You should not have given up so early and such feelings kindle throughout the time.

Science says this is only normal and if you want to can always either try to make things work or make them understand your worth. Whichever sounds good is your path to follow.

Conclusion: Achieving the Perfect Balance of Being Single, Free and Open Even Though You Want Him Back

It may not be easy to find an answer to how to make your ex boyfriend chase you after a breakup. That does not mean you should give up easy. We have told you a few things that you can use to get him back. If he is into you, he will certainly come back to you.

However, you need to realize that time is a great healer here. Speaking from personal experience, I say that you must give him some time to understand that he misses you. This will make you important to him instead of begging him.

Maintain your dignity and have faith in your love. If there was love, and if he felt it too, then he will be back with you. There are no doubts about it! Love can do wonders. Just be patient.

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