A Beginners Guide On How To Approach Women

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how to approach women

When it comes to dating or seducing women it becomes very hard for a lot of men to use the right approach. If you use a very systematic approach and have a little patience then it should not be tough for you at all. Read on to learn how to approach women.

Please, do not think this is an answer to how to approach a married woman for an affair. We may try to provide you some insights about handling your relationships or how to start them, but we do not share unsavory practices here. We don’t judge, but at the same time we have formed a line of conduct that we will never cross.

Understand The Dynamics 


You have to know that women love to play hard to get so do not expect a fairy tale where she will kiss you and you will go from zero to hero. Most women let only a few selected men into their personal space. So, you have to approach with caution and stealth without giving her the impression that you are some sleazy stalker. With the right approach, you can even get to know how to get women to approach you.

Using An Appropriate Opening Line


Dating experts have suggested that opening lines are segregated into different classes and they are as follows.

  • Good friends: This is good method where you choose vocabulary that will not end up hurting her sentiments and most importantly you would convey that you are interested in being good friends. You should engage in a proactive conversation that will get good responses out of her. Be open to the kind of ideas she has you may not like all of them but it helps to be a good listener and women love men who listen to them.
  • Sexual talk: Initiating a conversation with sexual content is not only bad but a very lewd gesture. Most women do not like this and you should refrain from resorting to things like this as it may end badly. Show some genuine interest in her and let things happen in their way do not rush into things.


  • Compliments: Keep your compliments from classy and subtle so that you do not give her the impression that you are creep of some kind. Compliment the girl on her looks only if you are sure that it will go down well with her. This is another way to find an answer to how to approach a woman in public.


  • Humor: This is another good approach to begin with but you must choose your jokes properly as they should not offend her. Try not to have sexist comments in them. If you are in big group then do not use too much to humor as it may seem like a strategy. Just keep things fun and light. This applies to how to get women to approach you as well.


Getting Rid Of Inhibition

You must build a bit of confidence when you decide to approach women. To be accepted you must first accept yourself the way you are and that you are unique. The worst case scenario a woman may reject you but it is not the end of the world for you, this will open up the chance to meet another woman. You may sometimes have to fake your confidence and if you can play it out well it can be very rewarding.



You do not have to wear designer clothes to approach women but looking presentable might help a lot. So try to wear nice clothes and maintain a nice posture when you are about to approach any woman. Good clothes and a firm posture helps to raise self confidence levels a lot. Slouching too much will give the women the impression that you are not interested and you do not want that to happen. This could come handy for those that want to know How To Save A Relationship as well.

Spend Time In Studying Them


You must realize that sometimes women can be very nervous too, so in this case you must study her behavior and if you see she is being a bit stiff or nervous try to crack the ice with some nice joke. This tactic could be used to proceed further and this also is a response to one of our readers’ query – how to approach a woman at a bar.

Well these are some of the best tips on how to approach women so follow them well and do not rush into things as it may not end well. Initially things are not going to be easy for you as you may feel pangs of anxiety within you. A good way to start is to get some practice with other female friends of yours before moving in to the real scenario. You may face a lot of rejections but you should take them in stride and move on with your head held high. Take some suggestions from your female friends on good topics that you can talk about when you are in the company of a new woman. When the time is right and if you follow these tips you will find the woman of your dreams.

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