Discover True Love By Learning How To Attract Women Without Talking

Most men tend to undergo a lot of stress when it comes to learning how to attract women without talking much. The good news is that it is not that tough at all. You just have to keep yourself grounded and centered at all times. It will not be an easy ride but with a little practice and observation, you will eventually get used to how things work.

You do not need to spend tons of money on buying those crappy self-help books that practically teach you nothing. Here are some really great tips that help you iron out the wrinkles. This is what you can do, take a look.

Tips On How To Attract Women Without Talking

These tips mentioned below are some of the best tips that have fetched good results. So, do not be afraid to try them out.

Making Eye Contact And Smile

Eye contact is very essential when it comes to attracting women. However, you must make sure that you do not go overboard with this technique.  If you end up making too much contact with your eyes it can send out “creep in the house signals.” If the lady does notice your gesture, do not forget to smile in return as this will help you move things along. Also read more about dating etiquette in here.

A friendly smile makes a world of difference, and it works so much better than a corny pickup line like “ Your hair is like Arabian silk”,  Arabian silk? Are you kidding me? By the way, its Chinese silk that garners that kind of attention and this is where you need to stop acting like a “tw*t”. A simple smile will send out positive energy and prompt the woman to open up to you more. So, do not forget to wear a warm smile as it will make you very approachable.

Body Language

Your body language will speak volumes about who you are. If you truly want a woman to be attracted to you, your body language has to reflect your confidence. Make sure you do not slouch while you are sitting.  If you stand, then make sure you have a firm posture. Your shoulders should be relaxed at all times, put on a smile and keep your head held high.

Try not to fidget and move so much as that gives out negative vibes. If you are walking towards her take small and confident steps. When you can master this, you will then be able to portray yourself with a lot of confidence.

Play Mind Games

Let the women come to you; if you truly want to learn how to attract women without talking this is one vital tip you should follow. Do not appear to be very desperate and do not give out those “wannabe vibes”. Just be yourself, maintain a cheerful, and things will fall into place very naturally.

Develop Social Skills

Do you really expect women to drool over you because you are all dressed up? Here is a bit of rude awakening for you and it is called “No”, this is not the 60’s. Things work very differently in today’s world, as every generation thinks differently. Women do not like guys who cannot socialize at all. So, get into the habit of socializing, go out and make friends. Do not feel shy, strike up a conversation. You do not have to have an intellectual debate of sorts but you can have a general conversation. 

If you notice a cute female anywhere, go up to her and say “hi” and try to have a simple conversation. Offer a drink if you meet her at a bar, ask her about her life, in short, get to know her. Nevertheless, make sure you keep things subtle and do not come out to be very strong or arrogant.

Work On Your Personal Skills

Working on your personal skills will take you a long way when it comes to interacting with women. Here are some areas that you could work on.

  • Get rid of your inhibitions and open yourself to her a bit more. It is no secret that women love men who can be honest about themselves without any hesitation. Share your interests with her and your views on different matters. This will push things in a very positive direction. That is some you want right?
  • Indeed, looks are not important, but then why should you work on your appearance? Simple, a well-kept appearance is a reflection of a man who practices discipline. However, do not go overboard with the bling as if you have been pursuing a summer intern with Puff Daddy, keep things simple and elegant. That will do the trick and things will start moving for you. Ever heard of “less is more”?
  • Kick in a bit of the healthy flirt, as it is natural when you are trying to date a girl. Keep in mind that the flirting should not turn into a source of discomfort for the lady this will be a major turn off for her.

Things That You Must Never Do

When it comes to learning how to attract a girl you must also focus on the things that you should never do if you want things to work out. Here are some things that would drive any sensible woman out of her mind and away from you.

  • Fake behavior: Please do not turn your date night into a teeny-bopper movie that no one wants to watch. Drop the fake behavior as it is completely unnecessary. Nobody is created perfect and nobody achieves perfection, it is normal to have flaws. So, just be yourself and any sensible woman would be open to exploring the real you.
  • Pushy behavior: You have to understand that most women do not like being pushed or rushed into things. Some women like to take things at their own pace and you have to respect that. So, take things really slow and spend time getting to know her. Also, do not jump to conclusions because she said something that you find strange, there may be more to it that she does not want to disclose right away. Do not even suggest about stepping into a relationship with her on the first few dates, most women absolutely hate that.
  • Bad table habits: There is nothing more unsettling than to sit with a man who has disgusting table manners. We all know you have a brand new phone which you paid a lot to acquire no doubt. Nonetheless, give your phone a break once and have a good conversation with the lady instead, she will appreciate it very much. Do not burp, or talk with food in your mouth, and do try to eat with your mouth closed. So, you see that if you develop good manners while eating it will create a lasting impression on her and she may consider going out with you again. Who knows what can happen.
  • Spare the ex-talk: The last thing a woman wants to face is a man who whines about his ex. Talk about your ex maybe once if you want just to express what went wrong with your previous relationship, any more than that and your date will spend quality time with her therapist talking about how you traumatized her with your life’s insanity. Take the opportunity and convey the fact that you are willing to move on and that you are open to explore your future with her and maybe work on developing a future together. The ex-talk is an absolute no-no.
  • Do not use profanity: You do not want to give your date the impression that you are an uneducated hillbilly whose brain is no bigger than a pea. So, spare the colorful language like ass, tits, bitch, cougar, and other charming adjectives that spring to your mind. I hate to break it to you but using these words will not make you look or sound cooler, they probably look cooler in films, you are no Robert De Nero and your life is anything but a film. Stick to a normal conversation, if you have anything harsh to say, express it in a subtle manner this way you will not sound offensive to the lady.

So, these are some of the points that you should keep in mind if you want how to attract women without talking too much. You also have to accept that there may be many rejections but do not let that get to you, take that as a positive sign and an opportunity to improve certain aspects of your personality.

Remember there is always someone out there who will connect to your vibe and until then you should work on being yourself or finding a connection to who you are on the inside. Take things slow and easy as it will not speed up just because you want it to. Teach yourself to improvise in situations that might seem a little unnerving, once you get a grip on yourself the stage is yours. All the best!

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